About Me!

Hello, Ladies and Gentlemen. My name is Ryan, and welcome to my ‘About’ page.


What to tell you about myself?


I’m a writer, first and foremost. I love writing! It is my passion. A passion that ranges through almost any, and every, genre, from Romance to Fantasy to Horror. I can and will try it all. For the time being, however, my focus is being directed toward Fantasy. There’s just something about creating an entirely new world, or a variation on our own, that just pulls me in. The inherent power of having full control is intoxicating. Even reading it has a similar effect; being pulled into a world beyond the normal rules we are stuck with here in the ‘real world’. Such an effect allows us to live out our dreams and aspirations in the characters we read about. It’s simply addictive.


Beyond my writing, I do also have a real life. I am attending University, and studying the insanely intriguing subject of Astrophysics. Space has always interested me. If we look into the night sky, using only our eyes, all we see are little dots against the blackness. That’s not the reality, however. Every one of those dots is either a star–many of which are dozens of times the mass of the sun–, or even more amazing, entire galaxies. The size and time scales at play are beyond my comprehension.


Since I’m sure you’re fed up of the space stuff, let us move on to better things; the people in my life. My parents are part of what I call my ‘Support Circle’. This group contains the people that support me in my writing, putting up with my outbursts of joy whenever something goes right etc… My parents have been nothing but supportive of my writing endeavours, and giving me someone to brag to the moment something good happens. There is one other person in this group at the moment, someone who deserves her own paragraph entirely.


My girlfriend. I am always astounded at how supportive my girlfriend is about my writing. I could, and have, spent quite some time talking about nothing but my writing to her, and she has shown infallible patience. I owe a great portion of my writing motivation to her. Her encouragement give me a reason to continue writing even when it feels pointless.


A lot of people reading this will be thinking to themselves “Who is this guy? I’ve never heard of him.” and there is a reason for that. While I may be a writer, I am as yet un-published, and as such am yet to make a name for myself. With this in mind, I will occasionally post stories and the like on this blog to give you an idea of my writing style.


Well, folks, that’s all I’ve got. Enjoy the blog.




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    Sep 03, 2011 @ 19:18:19

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